Sunday, May 9, 2010

Camden's 2 week pictures

I better post these because he may be 6 months old before I have time to blog again. He's so perfect! The photographer said she hardly had to edit them because his skin is so perfect. He gets that from daddy.

WHAT!?! Camden's 8 weeks already!

Where the heck does time go? Now I completely understand why my friends with 2+ kids never have time to talk on the phone.
Dr. Hodges scheduled me a cesarean Tuesday, March 16th at noon. I had contractions all weekend, but when they checked me I still wasn't even to a 1. They prepped me for another cesarean and Mike waited anxiously in the hallway. A nurse asked him if he needed anything for his jitters, but he declined. I can only imagine how nervous he must have been sitting in the chair outside the operating room while they got me ready. I felt much more at ease this time, I even remember laughing with the doctor and nurses. I already had an idea how things would go, but it was even better than I imagined. The staff told me over and over how the surgery would go and kept me informed during all of it. The anesthesiologist even took pictures for us and gave me a play by play since all I could see was the blue screen.
Mike did wonderful and got awesome pictures. He even got the very 1st picture of Camden with just his head out and one arm up on my belly (picture above). My dad said, "It looks like he's army crawling out of you." Camden screamed quite loudly even before he was all the way out of my belly. I should have taken that as a forewarning of days to come. lol Mike zoomed at all the right times. We had many conversations about using zoom and cropping out the wall behind him. :) Mike got a picture of Camden's 1st weight, 8 lbs, 9 oz. He got several of cutting the cord and the 1st moments he was here. Camden Micah was born at 12:34 pm March 16th, 2010 and is absolutely perfect. Daddy did amazing, too.
I guess I assumed Camden would be a fairly easy baby since he seemed so calm in my belly and Mike is so laid back. I thought Drew was a difficult baby. WRONG! Camden has been very fussy, temperamental, and needy since he was 2 weeks old. The 1st 2 weeks breezed by. Mike was home a lot because work was slow, we had tons of visitors, Camden slept all the time, and I felt great after my c-section. Then he turned 2 weeks old...
Camden has been colicky, wants to be held 24/7, and cries about absolutely nothing most of the time. I've had many days of just sitting and holding him because every time I would put him down he would scream. Everyone told me to enjoy this time, but to be truly honest, I didn't. I know I will look back and miss the times of just holding him. I'm such a doer, its hard for me to sit still. Mike had an easier time sitting and holding him for hours.
Camden hates the swing, boppy, sling, and laying down. He slept for 10-15 minutes at a time my entire maternity leave. I had plans of cleaning/dusting all the wood trim in our house, reorganizing my recipes, sewing cloth grocery bags, and several other tasks. Oh my gosh! DID I FORGET WHAT ITS LIKE TO HAVE A BABY! Not only did I not get one of those things done, I had to have my mom and sister-in-law each come over once a week so I could fold laundry, pay bills, and open my mail!
When Camden was 3 weeks old I bought Mylacon drops hoping that would help his colic and gas. It didn't work. At 4 weeks, I took him to our fabulous pediatrician, Dr. Lee, and she gave me a prescription for Pepcid. He had been throwing up almost everything he ate and hated anything but being held literally ALL the time. I was at my wits end. Pepcid cost $85 dollars a month, but at that point I didn't care, much. :) I have since got a prescription for Zantec that is a little cheaper. We won't be having to buy birth control with all the screaming Camden does so that is saving us some money. (To our mom's, I'm just kidding, I am buying birth control and we're using abstinence. lol).
It was a bitter sweet day April 27th, when I went back to work. I missed my clients and having adult conversation, but at the same time Camden transformed into a little bit easier baby between 5 and 6 weeks old. My mom and sister, Cassie, have been watching him and it was a little rough at first, but I think him and I have adjusted. Camden only slept 20 minutes the 1st day I worked and 30 minutes the 2nd. I started pumping and bottle feeding when he was 4 days old so he'd be used to a bottle but I didn't even think about him being so used to being with me 24/7 that it would be an adjustment for him. He is doing much better now. A couple of clients suggested I cut dairy foods out of my diet and Camden has done a 180 since then. I think he may be lactose intolerant. Drew had to have soy formula once I stopped nursing, but he never cried like Camden has. I don't know why I didn't think of cutting that out earlier. He still is a little fussy at night, but nothing like he was. I'm going to keep him on the Zantec for at least another month and see how it goes. Maybe I found the solution! YEAH! I told Mike, "If I was trying to diet and cut out dairy I don't think I could do it. Doing it for my baby makes it so much easier." Mike replied, "Maybe its the constant screaming that makes it easier to give up." lol Yes, that is true. I'd much rather give up dairy (yes, even ice cream) than caffeine. I need the caffeine to keep up with all these boys!
Grandma Lisa has taught him to stick out his tongue and he smiles at Aunt Cass all the time. Nana Debbie got the 1st real smile April 20th when Camden was 5 weeks old. It wasn't even gas or anything! I got my 1st smile the following Friday, April 23rd. Now he is smiling all the time especially in the morning and coos at you. Camden rolled from his tummy to back April 10th, at 3 and a half weeks old and again May 5th at 7 weeks. Camden LOVES to be naked and would be totally content chilling in a diaper all day.
Life is getting easier and Mike and I are adjusting well to having a new baby. Drew would smother him to death if I didn't keep telling him not to kiss and hug his brother so much. Drew has done great with him and loves him so much. He tells me all the time Camden is so cute and how much he loves him. He can hardly stand it when Camden sleeps those 10-15 minutes and wants to wake him up. I've threatened Drew's life if he wakes him up! We've only had one time that Drew was onry to him. Camden was 3 or 4 weeks old and I was busy doing other things. I came into the living room to check on him and Camden had stickers in his hair. I told Drew I was going to put stickers in his hair and see how he liked it when I pulled them out. Drew said, "No, that will hurt!" Yes, and don't you think it will hurt your brother when I pull the stickers in his hair out? Ugh!
Mike is a fabulous daddy just like I thought. He has been amazingly helpful and with all the stress Camden has caused I thought we'd be heading for divorce by now. Mike text me the other morning and said, "Even with all the crying he does he's still the best thing ever and makes me love you even more. I'm so lucky to have all of you in my life." I could have cried. My husband is so wonderful and does so much for us. I couldn't feel more loved lately. Life is good!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Last Day of Pregnancy baby yet, but I thought I should write about my last day of being pregnant. Its kind of a bittersweet day. Drew and I spent the day together. I wanted it to be just a mommy and Drew day since from here on out he'll have to share me. He helped me wash the car, got ice cream and went to the park. We played at the park for over an hour, in the wind, I might add. I was sitting on the bench while Drew climbed up and down the toys. He says, "Mom come play with me, the other kids moms and dads play with them." Oh, guilt trip by the 4 year old! I replied, "Yes, but their parents are 9 months pregnant!" A dad standing nearby started laughing and said, "Whats wrong with you, you can't climb all over 9 months pregnant?" Drew wanted me to go through some tunnel and down all the slides. Ugh! I know we've had a eventful day when he passes out in the car on the ride home. Mission accomplished!
I cried in the Doctors office Friday when he said I would have to wait until 39 weeks, Tuesday, to induce or do a cesarean. I had been having contractions all week 5 minutes apart and I wasn't even 100% effaced yet. When I called to make the appointment the nurse on the phone and the one in the office eluded that he may be able to do it Friday since I was in labor for so long. So like every very, very pregnant woman, I got my hopes all up and was ready to head for the hospital as soon as our appointment was over. Instead I burst into tears when he said I'd have to go through the weekend. I think he would have liked to have me wait another week until my actual due date, but that just wasn't happening in my book. Mike may not have lived to see his son born. :) I was not happy about waiting the weekend in misery since my contractions had gotten stronger over the week, but still not strong enough to head to the hospital. Dr. Hodges hugged me and apologized over and over to us (mostly Mike lol) but he said unless medically necessary, the hospital makes you wait until 39 weeks for inductions or scheduled cesareans. I guess I can understand, but oh I was upset!
Mike took me to lunch at Smoky Mountain and tried to make my day a little better. I appreciate his effort. Later I ate a big bowl of ice cream while I pouted. Marcy, my mom's best friend, offered to bring over ice cream and pasta, but I informed her I already had both! She knows me too well. :) By Friday night I was feeling a little better and it allowed us to spend one last date night together and some alone time with Drew, so in the end it was better to wait. Now it is almost here and I have butterflies in my stomach knowing its coming so soon.
As much as I've wanted this day to come so badly the last few weeks/months, I can't believe its over so fast. My friend, Debbie, said that to me just today. Time has flown by, it seems like I just found out I was pregnant. I've cried and whined to Mike and my mom about wanting to be done being pregnant and now that it is here, I'm a little sad. We all know I'm not one of those super model pregnant mommies that look fabulous the whole time and seem to bounce back in a blink of an eye...ahem...Debbie. :) I gained 35 lbs (AGAIN) and it doesn't help I didn't lose it all from the 1st child. I've gotten more stretch marks around my belly button and the ones on my hips just grew in size. I couldn't see any stretch marks on my belly with Drew and actually thought I didn't have any there until I had him and realized I just couldn't see the under side of my belly. lol Even though I've been pregnant with 2 boys, Camden was still a little different in the way I carried him. He seems to be even more round than Drew was. My belly with Drew looked oblong at this point, Camden is still pretty round. Hence more stretch marks on the sides of my belly button. I don't think I've gotten any more on my legs (Thank you Camden!!!) but I may discover those this weekend when I can see down there again. :) I've struggled to shave my legs and bikini and had to guess where I should be shaving for months. I've gotten out the mirror after shaving and realized I was WAY off. :) I've had horrible razor burn this pregnancy and can't wait for that to be over. I never had that with Drew. My dad measured me and from my back to my belly button is 16". That's HUGE! I've retained so much water and my feet look like Shrek feet. Even my flip flops leave indents. I haven't been able to wear my ring for 2 months and feel like I'm being judged every time I go to the store with Drew and no wedding ring. (I know, stupid, woman insecurities). I've thrown up at least once a day since about 5 or 6 weeks every time I brush my teeth, eat Mexican food or just plain eat too much, or any sort of stinky teenage boy sat in my chair.
But on the positive side, I love feeling him wiggle around in there. He's got the longest legs and bony little knees that are constantly trying to come out my belly button. He hasn't been as active as Drew was, but loves it after I eat, especially anything sweet. He does not like chocolate I've discovered, we'll see if that stays true. Drew's been really into the baby and so excited he is getting a brother. Mike and Drew love to watch him move around after dinner and feel him kick. I love feeling his hiccups. Its almost like reassuring me he's okay in there. He has the hiccups almost every time I eat, even if its just a snack. Even after all the complaining and sickness, I wouldn't take any of it back. I love being pregnant. I don't have complications (other than not dilating!) and have felt pretty good the whole time. Mike and my relationship has been the best its ever been the last 9 months and some of you know its been a bumpy road at times for us. :) I have no doubt Mike will be a wonderful Daddy because he's been so wonderful to Drew when he didn't have to be. He has helped with Drew so much and played with him when I was sick. Mike's made dinner after long days at work so I could just lay on the couch and put my feet up. Mike has shown interest in the baby moving and my general well-being the entire time. Mike worked several weekends to make the babies room adorable and I love every part about it. Even the flaws he points out. I can't wait to see the look on his face when Camden comes out and the 1st time he holds him. Mike is going to cry like a baby. There is something about your child that the moment they are delivered they steal your heart forever. Mike will soon realize how much you love that little person and how you'd do anything for them. I've gotten to know Camden for 9 months and his busy times and sleepy times and I can't wait for Mike to get to do the same.
I found out I was pregnant July 16th and Camden Micah Etcheson will be here March 16th. My guess is he'll be 7 lbs 10 oz and 21" long with lots of hair. Mike's guess is 8 lbs and 22" and hair. I can't wait to meet the little guy. I bet he'll be just as adorable as his daddy.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

38 weeks and ready to be done!

I've been having Braxton-Hicks since Friday, the 5th. They've been pretty much every night starting after I eat until an hour or so after I lay down, but then they stop. Sunday I felt really motivated and Mike and I went to Costco and Walmart, I cleaned up the house, and didn't even take a nap! This is really unusual for me because doing all that even when I'm not pregnant requires a nap sometime in between. Mike kept saying he was shocked I had done so much that day. I started feeling yucky before dinner and didn't eat much and that continued to Monday. I must have overdone it Sunday because Monday I took 2 naps and didn't get much accomplished at all. After dinner Mike and I were watching a movie and my contractions started but this time they were different. They started in my back instead of just my stomach contracting. I timed them for an hour before even saying anything to Mike. (I know he thinks every time I get contractions I think "This is it!") So I just waited...

After and hour of 4 minute apart contractions that hurt somewhat, but still not excruciating, I called my mom. She said to lay down and see if they continue. Well they did. Mike went to bed at 9 so he was ready to be up all night. I tried to sleep but just kept watching the clock. Exactly every 4 minutes they would start again and I don't know if it was the contractions or the excitement of possibly being in labor that kept me awake. I finally fell asleep for about 45 min around 11:30. They woke me up again. I got up and called Labor and Delivery. I knew they weren't strong enough and everyone says you'll be doubled over, but I thought I should just ask. They had been 4 min apart for 4 hours. They told us to come in so I got ready and woke Mike up. He made himself a pot of coffee and I laughed and said, "You'll regret that when they send us back home." We debated about leaving Toby inside or putting him out. I knew if we left him inside they would admit me and he would destroy the house, I kept thinking of Marley on Marley and Me.

We went to the hospital and I was having consistent contractions but they weren't really strong enough to dilate me. After monitoring me for while she said, "I think you should go back home and get some rest because this is only the beginning." They gave me Ambien which knocked me out! When we got home I was in the kitchen and stumbling around like a drunk person, but drunk people don't know they are stumbling, I did. Mike said it was hilarious to watch me. Ya, make fun of the pregnant wife, that is always a good thing!
Mike and I went to the doctor Tuesday morning and I was still having contractions every 4 minutes. I was hoping to be at a 1 so he could scrape my membranes, but no such luck. I was still not even 100% effaced. UGH! I decided to not go to work in case I had a contraction and accidentally cut someones ear off. OOPS! I had contractions for 24 hours about every 4 minutes. Some had been strong and I had to stop what I was doing and some had been lighter and I could talk and laugh through them.

At 7:30 Tuesday night they pretty much slowed down to nothing. I've had a few here and there that really hurt, but now I just pray they start again with a vengeance. I've got a billion things to do and no motivation to do them. My thoughts are if I am really busy the contractions will be stronger so here I go...

Hopefully next time I write, I have a baby sleeping in the swing next to me. :)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Present for Camden

Mom, Cassie, Drew, and I went to Build a Bear so Drew could make a present for Camden. Drew picked the monkey (which is also Camden's bedroom theme) and named him Silly Bananas. He picked out a BSU t-shirt, cute little boxers, and warm up that is blue and orange. Silly Bananas has a football and is set for the game. I tried to get a real smile out of Drew and failed miserably. Drew is in that super cheesy smile phase, but I did manage to get one good one while he dressed Silly Bananas.
Drew is more than excited for his brother to get here. He asks me daily if today is the day. Its really hard to explain to a 4 year old that babies come whenever they want, even though Drew, Mike, and I would all like him to make his appearance. Drew has shown a lot of interest in my belly. I hope he keeps it up once Camden gets here.
The bedroom is almost done, except hanging the monkey decals on the walls. Mike did a wonderful job putting up tan wainscotting. My job was to put up the decals, and yes, I still haven't done it. Drew keeps telling me I need to get that done. lol I know, I know.

34 weeks

I've been really bad about posting these, but I have been taking pictures. I was 34 weeks February 9th. I've definitely slowed down at work and grateful it is our slow season. I can't imagine if it was August or December. I've started getting sick AGAIN and not sleeping as well, even with the Snoogle. I'm getting anxious and wanting to be done being pregnant. I can't wait to see what he looks like, although I'm pretty sure he'll look just like Mike. I think he will have a lot of hair and really, really long legs. I feel like his knees are constantly trying to come out my belly button. I don't remember feeling that way with Drew and he was 22 inches. This kid is going to come out 3 feet tall!

Snow Day

Drew was so excited to play outside in the snow, although there wasn't much of it this year. Mike showed him how to make snowballs. I had to dodge a few while I tried to take pictures. Drew was good as long as he was throwing the snowball, he needs to work on taking a few hits. He would hit Mike and when Mike got him back, Drew would run to me crying. I told him, "If you dish it out, you have to be able to take it." The fun only lasted about 30 minutes before he was cold and wanted to come back inside.